You may be wondering why you should hire Eddie Goldstein.

Who is this guy anyway?

Curious? Read on.

Eddie Goldstein street performer San Francisco Cannery Fisherman's Wharf 1973

I started out as a street performer.

Back in 1973, not long after San Francisco’s Summer of Love, I started my performing career on Fisherman’s Wharf. There were jugglers, acrobats, mimes, musicians, you name it. What a colorful time. In order to make it, you had to learn how to “work the crowd.”


Eddie Goldstein Street Performer Pearl St Mall Boulder Colorado Fire Eating 1978

Then, in 1977, Barrett Felker, Sean Morey, Magical Mystical Michael, and I brought street performing to the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, Colorado.

Known throughout the world as one of the epicenters of street theater, I am proud to be one of the guys who started it all.

“Working the streets” gave me the solid foundation in performing which I have drawn on my entire career.

Yes, that’s real fire that I am putting in my mouth!

Eddie Goldstein with Doug Henning

Here’s a picture of me backstage with the great Doug Henning, star of Broadway’s “The Magic Show.” At the time, Henning was one of the most famous magicians in the world.

( I’m the one with the long hair, mustache, and patterned shirt. )

Eddie Goldstein Brook Farm Inn of Magic Close up cards

I honed my skills as a dinner theater entertainer.

OK, so enough of this passing the hat stuff.

The turning point for me was working at the Jolly Jester Dinner Theater in Aspen and the Brookfarm Inn of Magic in Washington, DC. I went from doing a show or two every so often to over 200 shows a year! Working on stage, night after night, with two of the greats, Bob Sheets and Steve Spill. We did close up magic. We did stage shows with floating ladies and a Houdini escape trunk. We even had a magic bar. Talk about fun.

So, although I had already been doing magic for a number of years, this is where I turned into a real pro.


Eddie Goldstein Bar Magic people having fun

Speaking of magic bars, this is what it looks like from my side.  Lots of happy faces, ready for a good time.  Ready for a “show.” 


Eddie Goldstein doing magic on side of road in Bali IndonesiaI learned how to entertain all sorts of audiences
by traveling all over the world.

I know it sounds trite, but, the more I traveled, the more I realized how much we are all the same. I have to tell you, it’s a thrill to be able to make people smile, no matter what their background or culture. Even on the side of the road in Indonesia.


Eddie Goldstein in Singapore shopping mall doing Poi juggling and magic

Here I am, center stage, in one of the busiest shopping malls in Singapore.

I just launched a diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) 35 feet into the air. (It’s the little orange thing that the yellow rocket is pointing at.) Launching it is the easy part. The hard part is catching it on a string.


Eddie Goldstein Magic In Bali School Show

If you want to watch a movie of me doing magic in Bali,
click on this picture.


Eddie Goldstein Magic Show in Living Room Cups and Balls from aboveAll of those experiences have made me the performer I am today.

My long time mentor, Bob Sheets, once said, “Your job is not magician. Your job is professional partier.” That’s been my philosophy ever since.

Whether in your living room . . .


Eddie Goldstein grass skirt Magic in the Rockies Kids Show Finale on stage at Lincoln Center in Ft. Collins

. . .  or, on a giant stage.

The tricks I know, the jokes I tell, the comedy and the magic – those are the “tools” that I use. What I do with those tools is to make sure that everybody is having the time of their life.

Including me. 

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Eddie Goldstein Magic Show collage