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Magic in Bali

Back in 2009 I had a gig to do shows in Singapore.  About two months earlier I got some use-or-lose insurance money to buy a video camera.  So, I decided that a great project would be to go to Bali, do magic shows, and make a video documentary.  Here’s how it turned out.

I feel so lucky.  After all, how many people get to have an experience like that?

Poi Juggling

Probably the best magician’s convention in the country is Magic in the Rockies, in Ft. Collins, CO.  The best magicians in the world converge to trade secrets, swap stories, and hang out with old friends.  One of the highlights of each year’s convention is the main stage show for the general public, held at the 1000-seat Lincoln Center.  It’s a real honor to be chosen to be the MC.  This is the routine I used to close the show.

What people say about my show

No, I didn’t pay these people to say this stuff.